• Celebrities 13 hours ago

    Fuel Fest Honors Paul Walker

    “California Live” taps into the car community and attends Fuel Fest—a car and music event that attracts thousands. We meet up with the star of “Fast and Furious,” Tyrese, and Paul Walker’s brother, Cody Walker, to get their reaction to the massive post-Covid turnout. Plus, find out how Fuel Fest started as a charity to honor Paul Walker and why...

  • Celebrities Jun 22

    ‘SI' Swim Search Finalist Did It for the Moms

    Kristen Louelle doesn’t have a modeling agent, in fact she doesn’t even have modeling experience. But that didn’t stop her from becoming the “Sports Illustrated” Swim Search Finalist. She shares with “California Live” why, as a stay-at-home mom, she had to audition. “You can do anything after you have kids,” she says.

  • Father's Day Jun 19

    Father's Day Gondola Ride

    To celebrate the father of her children, Kim Caldwell-Harvey spoils her husband with a romantic Father’s Day gondola ride through the canals of Naples, Long Beach. The Gondola Getaway offers an authentic Italian experience with venetian-inspired gondolas, pizza, wine, and your own personal gondolier. “California Live” learns the history of how Naples became a little Italy.

  • Kim Caldwell-Harvey Jun 7

    Avon Celebrates Cancer Survivors With VIP Treatment

    In honor of celebrating the strength and resolve of cancer survivors, California Live visits the new Avon Studio 1886 in Los Angeles. It’s a first-ever Avon space that offers an immersive and interactive experience including a makeup counter, skincare counter, and even a coffee bar. Watch to see how Avon is giving cancer survivors well-deserved VIP treatment.

  • explore Jun 4

    National Donut Day at the Donut Life Museum

    A museum of donuts is not just a childhood dream, it’s now a reality. For National Donut Day “California Live” checks out the Donut Life Museum in Westminster which features an innovative collection of all things donuts. We learn about the museum’s “circle of life” philosophy (inspired by the donut’s shape) and fun facts like how donuts were once called...

  • Pride Jun 4

    Here's How to Strut Like a Drag Queen

    We are celebrating Pride Month by learning how to strut like a drag queen. “California Live” visits the Strut Night Club in Costa Mesa to hear about the significance of the location plus the fun events like bingo, brunch, and more, that are attracting crowds. Watch to get the step-by-step on how to get your strut on with the queens.

  • self-care May 27

    Meet Oprah's Favorite Nail Technician

    “California Live” visits Oprah’s nail technician, the Footnanny, at Salon Republic in Beverly Hills. We find out how Gloria L. Williams convinced Oprah to let her do her nails and why her business took off from there—including three warehouses full of her foot creams and salts. Plus, we learn the method behind the old-fashioned foot rub down.

  • Social Good May 24

    MESH Space Is Every Parents' Savior

    Every working parent understands the impossible feat of being productive at home while also entertaining children. MESH Space merges a coworking space plus play area so adults and kiddos can be productive in harmony. “California Live” meets the married couple and owners of this family life-changing mission and business. Oh, and not to mention, they serve great coffee.

  • Kim Caldwell-Harvey May 20

    Try Adventure Therapy to Ease Your Anxiety

    For so many, the isolation and job losses from the pandemic have increased mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression, or addiction relapses. Getting back to the basics and connecting with nature can help. Dr. Deena Manion from Westwind Recovery takes “California Live” out on an adventure therapy excursion—including a sound bath and hike to waterfall—and you can almost see...

  • Celebrities May 14

    Wilmer Valderrama & Kellie Pickler Advocate for Troops Overseas

    In honor of Military Appreciation Month “California Live” learns about the United Services Organizations (USO) from its global ambassadors—country singer Kellie Pickler and TV star Wilmer Valderrama. We find out how the USO keeps military families connected, especially through the pandemic with longer deployments, and why the mission is important now.

  • Entertainment May 14

    Host Your Next Event at Reptacular Ranch

    As we’re all dreaming of attending parties again, add this incredible venue to your list. Reptacular Ranch is nestled in the Sylmar outdoors with rolling hills and roaming animals as part of its backdrop and experience. “California Live” meets the owners to learn about the species on site and why it’s a great spot to throw a great...

  • recipes May 12

    Vanessa Hudgens' Cocktail Recipes

    Move over coconut water, cactus water may be the new hydrating drink. At least that is what Vanessa Hudgens is hoping. “California Live” joins Vanessa Hudgens and her business partner Oliver Trevena in celebration of their new beverage Caliwater—a cactus water rich in antioxidants that also happens to be great with cocktails. Watch Hudgens bartend and share her favorite cocktail...

  • explore May 11

    Visit LA's Little Tokyo

    The Japanese community has long been an important part of Los Angeles. Now, you can visit Little Tokyo in downtown LA which features authentic Japanese elements from calligraphy to sake. In honor of Asian Pacific Heritage Month “California Live” meets up with Little Tokyo’s community leader to learn about the incredible Japanese heritage, food, products, and more.

  • food May 10

    Logan's Candies Is Home to the Sweetest Guy in Town

    There is nothing sweeter than a successful mom and pop business that touches the hearts of people in the community. “California Live” visits Logan’s Candies, established in 1973, to learn about the art and history of candy making. Watch to meet the owner and master candymaker who has been rolling candy canes for 46 years. He shows us how it’s...

  • Mother's Day May 7

    Try Halotherapy for Mother's Day

    Have you ever heard of salt-based therapy? According to the founders of Halo Salt Spa it can help with respiratory and skin ailments plus promotes energy. “California Live” gets a tour of the spa to get an understanding of how salt-based therapy works including a peek into the halotherapy salt room. Watch and hear about the Mother’s Day special.

  • Cinco de Mayo May 5

    Cinco de Mayo's All-Female Mariachi Band

    Happy Cinco de Mayo! To get in the spirit, “California Live” visits Alta Baja Market—a one stop shop that features Mexican fanfare (from cookbooks to cooking classes) sourced from California, the Southwest, and Mexico. Watch and join our celebration with a toast from the michelada bar and an all-female mariachi band performance.

  • Autism Awareness Month Apr 29

    Autistic Children Can Now Travel Via Private Jet

    Flying with children with autism is especially tough, so much so that families end up missing out on the joy of distanced travel. In honor of Autism Awareness Month “California Live” found an airline that caters to kids on the spectrum. Watch to get a peek inside a JSX plane—a private jet service that is the first-ever autism certified air...

  • inspiring stories Apr 29

    Chrysalis Is Getting the Unemployed Jobs They'll Keep

    The life-changing organization Chrysalis helps people who have faced challenges, such as homelessness or being in the criminal justice system, to find and keep jobs. In honor of Pay It Forward Day “California Live” hears about how the organization connects the unemployed to long-term work. Plus, we meet Oprah’s Super Soul 100 Caitlin Crosby to hear about her new book...

  • behind the scenes Apr 27

    Billy Crystal & Tiffany Haddish on ‘Here Today'

    “California Live” talks to comedy legends Billy Crystal and Tiffany Haddish about their new film “Here Today.” Crystal, who wrote, directed, and produced the film, shares why he absolutely had to cast Haddish, while Haddish explains why Crystal has been her greatest coach. Watch and fall in love with this dynamic duo. “Here Today” is out in theaters on May...

  • behind the scenes Apr 24

    Emery Kelly on Co-Starring With John Stamos

    “California Live” catches up with actor, singer, and dancer Emery Kelly at his home in Los Angeles. We hear about the launch of his first solo album and his role in the new Disney+ series “Big Shot” where he co-stars with John Stamos. Plus, find out what he spent doing this past year in the pandemic.

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