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LA Gas Station's Banksy Goes on the Block

"Flower Girl," which appeared at Beverly and La Brea in 2008, will be auctioned.



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    Banksy's "Flower Girl" first showed up at a gas station at La Brea and Beverly Boulevards a half decade ago. Julien's of Beverly Hills will auction the piece on Thursday, Dec. 5. (detail displayed)

    Banksy's name almost never appears in print without the following qualifier: "British street artist."

    But the creator of provocative and thought-provoking stencils and murals ventures further afield than the South Bank, of course. Southern California viewers of the 2010 Banksy-focused film "Exit Through the Gift Shop" may have been surprised, or not, to see several local streets in the mid-city and Fairfax areas.

    Thus the fact that Banksy's "Flower Girl," a stencil depicting a child encountering a watchful, camera-topped blossom, showed up at a gas station in that very neck of Los Angeles doesn't surprise.

    Nor does it surprise that it is going up for auction on Thursday, Dec. 5 at Julien's of Beverly Hills.

    Eytan Rosenberg, the station's owner, is the seller. The Associated Press reports that the piece may garner $300,000.

    And, yes, the brick wall that holds the artwork is coming with, so the buyer best prepare for a spot for her or his new exterior gas station wall. The piece is sized at nine feet by eight feet.

    We imagine its new owner will also want to display photos of the artwork's original gas station location, which shows a stack of propane tanks in the vicinity, and the usual petrol building  accouterments.

    The Banksy auction happens to coincide with another intriguing Julien's auction going down the same day: The props and magical goods of Middle Earth, at least as it is interpreted by "The Hobbit" movies.

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