Dig This: The Construction Equipment Playground for Adults

You'll never have to pass an unoccupied piece of heavy equipment again and wonder, "What would that be like?"

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Dig This
Dig This in Las Vegas offers aspiring heavy equipment operators to get behind the controls.
Dig This
The facility -- a big dirt playground for adults -- opened in Las Vegas in May.
Dig This
After a safety and training course, you're ready to operate a bulldozer or an excavator.
Dig This
Ed Mumm (center) started Dig This in Colorado before moving operations to Las Vegas.
Dig This
One of the activities involves playing basketball with one of the excavators.
Dig This
Mumm said he got the idea after sitting on a piece of equipment during a home construction project.
Dig This
When asked what draws people to construction equipment, Mumm said: "I'd say 99.9 percent say, 'We passed these construction site all the time and always wanted to try it.' The thing is, when people throttle up the engine you can see the whites of their eyes. A lot of us have never grown up."
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