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As the H1N1 Virus approaches Pandemic status, Swine Flu stuff is also going viral on the Internet. Check out Swine Flu video games, t-shirts and more ...

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Kevin Kurz
With the spread of the H1N1 virus, a rash of Swine Flu stuff is going viral online, too...
Jennifer Bjorklund
Screen grab from "Swinefighter" online video game. You control the doctor and try to "shoot" out the swine flu bug... http://www.swinefighter.com/
Jennifer Bjorklund
Screen Grab of "Swine Flu Sneeze" online game. The player tries to sneeze as effectively as possible to infect as many people as possible. http://www.friv.com/x/sneeze/game.html
Jennifer Bjorklund
I thought "Aporkalypse Now" would be a funny T-shirt, so I Googled it. Zazzle.com already had it up and ready for the virtual shopping cart.
Jennifer Bjorklund
Capitalism is healthy, even if you're not. T-shirt from "Neatorama."
AFP/Getty Images
Creative masks are also popping up ... this one on the streets of Mexico City.
Here's another one. A man wears a decorated protective mask as he talks on his cell phone in downtown Mexico City.
Just in time for swine flu season: fashion flu mask concepts from Irinablok.com
Jennifer Bjorklund
And finally, something truly useful. A Google map, tracking the H1N1 virus, updated as new cases surface. http://ow.ly/47bL
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