Last-Minute Weekend: Lobster Festival, Fiesta Mexicana…

Mariachi to Hip Hop, Abbot Kinney to "Chinatown" -- the weekend holds plenty for those without plans.

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REDONDO BEACH LOBSTER FESTIVAL: A whole cavalcade of crustacean celebrations have bubbled up around SoCal in the last few, but they're going away faster than the last butter pat on the table. Redondo's seafood party is at Seaside Lagoon, and there's lots to do there. Friday, September 25th - Sunday, September 27th.
FIESTA MEXICANA VII: Mariachis and Mexican folklorico are in store at this annual concert at the Ford Amphitheatre. Featuring Mariachis Cuicatlan & Cielo Nuevo, Tamborazo Pancho Villa, Middleton Street Folklorico, Belinda Gomez and Sylvia Flores. Saturday, September 26th.
ABBOT KINNEY FESTIVAL: La vida Venice is not just a lifestyle longed for 'round these parts; people the world over know our funky-fun, planet-minded seaside burg. Crafty booths, snack-and-stroll food, music, dudes in sunhats, the occasional unicycle, kids on shoulders. Sunday, September 27th.
NBC Connecticut
SAVE FILM AT LACMA NIGHT: The Save Film people have been much in the news, thanks to their fab efforts to bolster LACMA's important cinema program. The museum is screening the Tiawanese flick "A City of Sadness" as part of a special "Save Film" night. Saturday, September 26th.
CHINATOWN: Barnsdall Art Park is keeping up its screenings/tastings nights. "Swingers" was a couple of weeks back; now "Chinatown," another seminal LA flick. Taste good beer and watch. Saturday, September 26th.
TARFEST 2009 celebrates the arts, music, ideas, so it is very helpful it goes down on the Miracle Mile, seeing as how it is just about the most museum-y spot in the city. There's also a 5K run. Can we dress as a mammoth? Friday, September 25 - Saturday, September 27.
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COMMON AND FRIENDS: Common is the main man, and his "friends" are anything but common. The Roots, Ludacris, De La Soul and Nas will join the rapper on at the Hollywood Palliadium. Saturday, September 26.
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