Photos: Illustrators Remember, Honor Spongebob Creator Stephen Hillenburg

Illustrators took to Twitter to express their grief of the passing of cartoonist, Stephen Hillenburg.

8 photos
Vincent Lovallo
Barbara Kalustian
"Thank you for showing us it's okay to be yourself. Even if you are just a kid, or a goofball, or a wing nut, or a Knucklehead McSpazatron."nTwitter: @bobbinskydraws
Ashley Jones
"To the man who made a generational impact on pop culture. We thank you ❤️ Rest In Peace Stephen Hillenburg."nTwitter: @ashjones19979
"This kitchen's not the same without you."nTwitter: @kenken_bread
Vincent Lovallo
"RIP Stephen Hillenburg. Thank you for the inspiring creativity, fun and countless moments of laughter you've brought to so many people."nTwitter: @Vincredible_23
Ena Miranda
"Thank you for creating a show that saved me from those terrible teenage years and inspired me to always embrace my cartoony style."nTwitter: @Enabuns
Godspeed, Stephen Hillenburg. Thank you for making my childhood - and millions of others - so much better.nTwitter: @LemynLyme
Ham Firouzan
"You will always be the best goofy goober."nTwitter: @hamtarto
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