Gorgeous Rainbow Maternity Shoot Representing 6 Miscarriages Goes Viral

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From Labor to Love
Jess and Kevin Mahoney wanted to document her pregnancy after the couple's fertility struggles. They had their first child Corbin four years before, but when trying to have a second child, ended up losing six babies. The photographer used color smoke bombs to create the magical photo.
From Labor to Love
Jess thought doing something rainbow-inspired would highlight her fertility struggle. JoAnn Marrero, her photographer, said she just knew she had to do something extra special for the family. After all, Marrero is around babies constantly -- when she's not photographing pregnant women, and newborn bundles, she's in the NICU, volunteering to take photos of high-risk babies for free. Some babies don't make it, and Marerro tries to help give parents something in their time of loss. "When babies don't make it, this is all that parents have – either cellphone pictures or the ones that I take."
From Labor to Love
When a couple loses a baby, Marrero says she mourns the child too. "I cry all the time – even though it's not my baby," she said. The photo shoot's popularity came as many parents deal with loss. October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, which is why Mahoney and Marrero were open to sharing the incredible pictures. They both want to broaden the conversation about miscarrying.
From Labor to Love
But Marrero says despite all the heavy feelings she deals with in her field, there is immense joy -- like the joy she felt when photographing Jess, Kevin, Corbin and baby No. 2, which is due in November. "Bringing this photo to life was definitely a concerted team effort. It was crazy fun!"
From Labor to Love
"In the end, our final portrait was nothing short of perfection in our eyes and very emotional for all of us. Certainly, it was an 'OMG! Look what we've created!' moment. Mary's final and meticulous refinement of this portrait was the final touch of perfection," Marrero said.
From Labor to Love
Kevin came to Marrero for the special photo shoot, sharing with Marrero the story behind the couple's first pregnancy shoot with Corbin. Four years ago, the photographer who took the pictures unfortunately never delivered them to the couple, so they had no professional photos to remember the first pregnancy. "I was touched by Kevin's words and his goal of making sure that, this time, his wife would get all the maternity photos that she always dreamed of having," Marrero said.
From Labor to Love
"Jess and I had been emailing back and forth and we were so excited to do this," Marerro said. "As a birth and newborn photographer, I take the utmost care and pride in what I am capturing as there are no 'do overs' in my field of work especially with births. I know these captured moments are going to be passed down for generations to come."
From Labor to Love
"One by one, each smoke bomb was set (not without some duds, too) and with each burst of color we watched this portrait coming to life behind my lens. It sounds beautiful doesn't it? It was, but also picture lots of coughing, color-stained clothing and a rainbow wash in our hair. It was as if we were shooting a Skittles commercial, but sweeter -- and so very worth every single moment. Through our rainbow haze, Jess stood with composure and her pregnancy glow came shining through like the sun. A whole lot of laughter made the moment even more vibrant and brilliant. This was definitely her moment, a proud mother-to-be for the second time," Marrero said.
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