Spring Sizzle: April Warmup in Southern California

After a few weeks of cooler weather, temperatures are expected to rise by 10 to 20 degrees this week, which could lead to record breaking heat across Southern California.

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A child plays in a fountain at Grand Park in downtown Los Angeles during a September 2013 heat wave. Temperatures in Southern California are expected to hit possible record levels this week after a few weeks of cooler weather.
Maria Wieser, of Italy, takes a drink of water while sightseeing in Death Vally National Park, Friday, June 28, 2013 in Badwater, Calif. Some parts of the park may see temperatures exceed 100 degrees during the week.
While it won't be quite as hot as is was during this June 2013 heat wave, temperatures will reach over 90 degrees in many parts of Southern California.
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Captain, a boxer pitbull mix, wears sunglasses as he drinks water in Echo Lake Park in June 2013. Dog owners should make sure to keep their pets hydrated during this week's upcoming heat wave.
Southern Californians should brace themselves for a few days of excessive heat this week.
The rise in temperature should be ideal for surfers who are looking to catch a few waves.
Construction workers will need to stay hydrated as a heat wave with possible record temperatures should strike Southern California this week.
Gabrielle Coleman
While the heat can be uncomfortable, the weather often makes for a beautiful scene in the Los Angeles skyline.
Families chill in the pool at the Santa Clarita Aquatics Center in July 2012 to avoid the heat. This week's temperatures should bring people back to the pool to cool off.
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A girl jumps off the diving board as she plays in a backyard pool. Hot temperatures should lead to a similar scene this week.
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