Looking to Cool Off? Here Are Water Rides Guaranteed to Help You Beat the Heat

With temperatures climbing, cool down on one of the many water rides Southern California has to offer. From Universal Studios Hollywood to SeaWorld San Diego, water rides are an easy and fun way to stay cool this summer.

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Universal Studios Hollywood
This river raft adventure is sure to cool down any adventure seeker as your raft travels past T-Rex's and other prehistoric creatures. Over 1.5 million gallons of water are used in this ride which is sure to guarantee a relief from the California heat. (Universal Studios Hollywood)
Prepare to be soaked from your eye patch all the way down to your breeches. This interactive water experience allows Legoland park guests to step into the captains seat. Blast water at your fellow pirates with water cannons as the ride splashes down 25 feet. (Legoland)
Knott's Berry Farm
This water ride has been cooling off Knott's Berry Farm visitors for almost 50 years. With a peak height of over 85 feet, this ride is sure to be providing thrills and chills for years to come. (Knott's Berry Farm)
Disney Parks
Take a trip down a California River in the Sierra Nevada Mountains as you learn about the legend of Oo-soo'-ma-te. Hold on tight because this whitewater rafting experience feels like the real deal. (Disney Parks)
SeaWorld San Diego
Experience whitewater rapids on this high-intensity water ride. But prepare yourself for the grand finale of the ride - plunging though a waterfall. (SeaWorld San Diego)
Get out of the California heat and take an excursion to Asia, South America and Africa. Float through famous rivers of the world on your skipper where gorillas, elephants and other exotic creatures await. (Disneyland)
Race through the waves and avoid water blasts. This ride is sure to please the younger riders. (Legoland)
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