• Metro Sep 21

    Metro Launches COVID-19 Clean and Safe Transit Campaign

    In an effort to keep riders safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic and improve customer experience, Metro Monday launched a “Keep Metro Clean and Safe” campaign to remind people about coronavirus safety protocols and other rules on the transit system.

  • makeup May 13, 2020

    Keep Your Makeup Brushes Clean and Bacteria Free

    Brush up on the right way to keep your makeup brushes clean and bacteria free. Dr. Anna Guanche, Founder of Bella Skin Institute, shared tips with California Live on how to keep your makeup brushes as clean as possible. Clean More Than Just the Bristles Clean more than just the brush bristles. Gunache recommends using a sterilizing wipes on the…

  • California Live May 11, 2020

    Makeup Tips That Will Help You Avoid Bacteria

    We’re brushing up on ways to keep our makeup clean during the quarantine! Malou Nubla talks to Dermatologist and Founder of Bella Skin Institute, Dr. Anna Guanche, about the importance of cleaning your makeup tools.

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