• Donate Apr 10, 2020

    Can You Donate Clothes During the Coronavirus Pandemic? What You Need to Know

    Many people are cleaning out their closets during the coronavirus quarantine, but with the highly contagious virus still spreading, there are questions about whether it’s safe to donate or sell clothes.

  • coronavirus Apr 6, 2020

    Pandemic Pizza Helps Deliver Donated Pies to Health Care Workers

    When Brandon Sloan and Christopher Gentile found themselves temporarily out of work because of COVID-19, they decided to team up. The two are chefs at local hotels and have collaborated several times before, but for the first time they’re launching a small business, Pandemic Pizza. “Pizza was like the best comfort and I think that’s what everyone needs right...

  • Donate Mar 27, 2020

    How to Help Those Impacted by the Coronavirus Outbreak

    The coronavirus outbreak in the United States has prompted local and state governments to close schools, restaurants and businesses in an effort to keep virus cases from surging and overwhelming an already strained health care system. Hard hit areas have imposed even tougher restrictions, issuing stay-at-home orders for residents and banning all social gatherings, large and small. The policies have…

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