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World's Second-Most Prolific Yelper Lives in Irvine



    World's Second-Most Prolific Yelper Lives in Irvine
    Anita L., Yelp
    Anita Lau

    Thanks to thousands of reviews, an Irvine woman has earned an elite spot among the Yelp Elite.

    Anita Lau, 43, has written more than 3,300 reviews since joining back in April 2005. The feat has earned her the title of the world's second-most prolific Yelper, the Orange County Register reported Wednesday.

    Lau posts about once every 24 hours. When she first started, she was posting as many as 10 items a day, she told the newspaper.

    With an audience of more than 38 million unique visitors a month, Yelp is one of the web's top spots for user-submitted reviews on everything from restaurants to mechanics to dentists, according to Yelp.

    The site rewards its top users by giving them elite status, a way to differentiate the top trusted sources from the average Joes. Lau's first elite badge was awarded in 2006, according to her profile.

    For her, the site has always been a labor a love.

    "I thought, 'Oh, what the hell, I'll write a couple of reviews,'" Lau told the Register. "A couple of reviews became tens and hundreds and thousands of reviews, I guess. It was what I used to do for pay, but I really loved doing that sort of work. For me it's therapeutic. It's an outlet."

    Yelp's most prolific poster currently has more 3,500 reviews and lives in Mountain View, Calif.

    "He's even crazier than I am," Lau said.