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CASA Brings a Tony Taqueria to Bunker Hill



    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup
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    Pretty, "2001"-y shapes dominate the new downtown eatery CASA.

    Let's all join hands and agree that the burrito -- even over the donut, the hamburger, the French Dip and the date shake -- may be the great LA regional cuisine. On second thought, we can't join hands, because our hands are always full of tortilla-ish goodness. CASA, the new Mexican restaurant located at California Plaza downtown, understands Angelenos' burrito-based obsessions, stokes them and then delivers the tasty goods.

    The burrito isn't the only thing on the menu, however; tacos, ensaladas and huarache (flatbread-y yum) are all on the saucy line-up. All the famished diner need do is choose which of the four they want (challenging, we know), what's going in it/on it, (mmm, chile Colorado and pork done Al Pastor...), the guac/salsa sitch on top and where to sit.

    Speaking of where to sit, CASA's sports a stylish downtown vibe, modern even. So a taco for lunch while you're grabbing a half hour from work? Fine. An ensalada before a mondo musical at the Ahmanson? Totally works, and you can wear your fancy togs, too. It's dressy-casual in vibe and tone, but the food won't nouveau-you to death.

    Kris Morningstar, who made yummy things at Blue Velvet and Patina, is at the grill. We like the late-night hours, too. CASA, we're coming home...

    350 South Grand Avenue