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Free Breakfast Fortifies for Shelf Shopping



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    A free breakfast deal is on at participating IKEAS on Saturday, July 18th and Sunday, July 19th

    The little votives. The tea candles. The you-assemble-'em shelving units. We have them, you have them. They're all from IKEA, that stock-up-on-everything-and-odds-and-ends-too furniture-of-the-future store.

    Oh, and the couch with change-'em-out covers. So necessary, especially the tough-but-femininely-hued corduroy. The wine spillage.

    And, it is probably not our imagination that IKEA stores start to hum a bit more in July and August. That is the time, after all, when hordes of college students are filing in to load up on desks and lamps and whatnot for the coming school year. Fun. Why aren't we headed for an ivy-covered campus this fall? Wearing plaid jumpers and carrying books and thinking about Plato? We suppose we can do all that around the house.

    To better prep the crowds, IKEA is doing a two-day free breakfast deal. The days: Saturday, July 18th and Sunday, July 19th. And the meal: one small breakfast, with cup of coffee.

    Set down that roomy yellow bag and pick up the caffeine. You're going to need it before the shelf aisle. Aisles, we mean.

    (Not valid at a handful of stores, but it looks like all LA IKEAs are participating; check the breakfast hours online at your closest store.)