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List of Healthiest Mall Foods Released

You can still eat healthy in the food court



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    Eating in the food court doesn't mean you can't stay on the healthy side.

    With the holidays approaching, many shoppers are going to find themselves at the mall within the next six weeks, and this often means grabbing meals at the food court.

    The people at have taken a look at the food available at the mall and have compiled a list of the 10 healthiest selections.

    Topping the list is the Asian grilled salmon on brown rice from P.F. Chang's China Bistro.

    It is a wholesome dish that is packed with health benefits, according to the website. Just count them: fiber from the brown rice and Omega-3 fatty acids from the fish.

    What's not to love? Here's a chance to improve memory and lower the risk of heart disease, cancer and arthritis. Be sure to share it with a friend since one order has enough food for two.

    If you share, your portion will only be 230 calories.

    Second on the list is Moroccan chicken salad from California Pizza Kitchen.

    Again, plan to share this salad with a friend since it contains 412 calories (in a half-portion) and 27 grams of fat. The good news is it's loaded with antioxidants thanks to flavorful veggies and dried fruit. It also has protein-rich chicken and eggs.

    Third is Starbucks' chicken on flatbread with hummus artisan snack plate.

    This makes a great light lunch since it has only 250 calories and you don't have to share. The mix of veggies and protein should keep you energized as you do your holiday shopping.

    Another great selection comes from the Pizza Uno Chicago Grill: the roasted eggplant, spinach and feta pizza.

    Pizza may not sound super healthy, but this one packs a full roster of health ingredients. And a third of a 10.5-inch pizza has only 290 calories, nine grams of fat.

    Another hearty, but healthy mall choice is at Au Bon Pain. It's the Mayan chicken harvest rice bowl. This features slow-cooked chicken with spices served over brown rice and topped with a salad of field greens. The dish mixes protein, veggies and whole grains for a total of 510 calories and 13 grams of fat.

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