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Hello June -- Hello Juicy, Delectable, Savory Sampling



    Hello June -- Hello Juicy, Delectable, Savory Sampling
    Villa Sorriso
    Villa Sorriso and a host of Crown City eateries are participating in Old Pasadena Restaurant Week, June 1-8

    If you've ever strolled Old Pasadena, you've probably thought a few things in no particular order. 1) Pretty and/or 2) old and/or 3) excellent diagonal crosswalks and/or 4) restaurants. Lots and lots of restaurants. Like, restaurant restaurant bookstore restaurant restaurant restaurant... all on one block.  

    Certainly that particular stretch of Colorado Boulevard has to be one of the foodiest stretches in all of SoCal, so it makes sense that Old Pasadena is having a Restaurant Week. We're happy that the concept of Restaurant Week, once the dominion of metropolitan areas, is now alighting on neighborhoods and smaller towns. Will there soon be a Restaurant Week for particular streets, or corners? We hope.

    The Old Pasadena week, which runs June 1-8, looks tasty indeed. Over two dozen places are taking part, including Bar Celona, Mi Piace, Scarlet Tea Room & Fine Dining, and Yujean Kang's. The fixed price menus are happening at lunch and/or dinner -- check your favorite spot to see what time of day they're serving the special menu -- and 10 percent of the bill goes to Union Station Homeless Services.