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Libation Lovers Like to Learn

A mondo tasting event is about education, but not in a dry way.



    Libation Lovers Like to Learn
    Wine Riot
    Wine Riot teaches aspiring libation lovers the finer points of vino from around the globe. It's at Majestic Halls on Saturday, Nov. 10.

    Probably everybody who has had a glass of wine knows a little about wine.

    Or at least the words that go with wine. We've all heard "bouquet" and "nose" and "body" in movies -- it's usually the snooty restaurant critic delivering those words -- but do we know what they mean in the glass in front of us?

    Wine Riot, a traveling wine wonderland featuring top vino educators and labels from around the globe, is all about tearing down the snooty stereotypes and helping people who like wine get confident and knowledgeable about what they're drinking. It's soon to land on our fair shores again-- on Saturday, Nov. 10, in fact -- and a cabinet worth of classes and crash courses are set to go down during the two available sessions.

    What do we mean by crash courses? We know, the mere words can make one quake. But these are truly fun: You'll learn about Portuguese wines and pricing bottles and breaking down your local wine shelf in a way that helps you the next time you rush in needing something for fifteen bucks or under.

    Over 250 wines, and a mess of experts, will be in the house at Majestic Halls downtown. There will be photo booths, too, so you can rest assured that the level of chardonnay-fueled tomfoolery will likely be set on the higher side of the dial.

    As mentioned, there are two Wine Riot sessions: afternoon and evening. A ticket to either is fifty bucks. You'll probably want a friend to do this with too, we imagine, since photo-booth-ing and pinot-parsing are best done with a bud.

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