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Westsiders Need Their Italian Fix Too

Santa Monica hosts free show, Italian food



    Westsiders Need Their Italian Fix Too
    Santa Monica Playhouse
    The Main Stage at Santa Monica Playhouse.

    The weekend is here and there's only one thing that should be on your mind: Italy.

    That's right. It's the Eighth Annual Precious Cheese Italian Feast of San Gennaro. So tasty. So cheesy. So Italian.

    But for westsiders, schlepping all the way over to Hollywood can be a big hassle. The drive can be migraine inducing -- not to mention trying to find a parking spot in Hollywood.

    So for our west-side friends, there's still hope for all things Italian this weekend.

    The Santa Monica Playhouse is showing "Poco a Poco," a bi-lingual (Italian-English) play that's sure to put you in the Italian spirit.

    There are four performances to choose from, and admission is absolutely free. Just remember: reservations are required.

    We've saved the best part for last.

    That free admission includes "a post-show discussion with the creative team and participation in Ciao Chow Italian food-tasting after the show," Westside Today reported.

    Free show? Italian food tasting? Not having to drive to Hollywood?


    "Poco a Poco"
    Santa Monica Playhouse
    1211 4th Street
    Santa Monica, CA 90401
    Friday and Saturday: 8 pm
    Saturday and Sunday: 3 pm
    1-310-394-9779 x 1