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Starbucks Road to Profitability, Take 12



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    A reader sent this snap from the Irvine Costco just a few moments ago, and we knew there had to be more to it then meets the eye: According to USA Today, Starbucks is rolling out a "three pronged value proposition to shelter itself from the deepening holiday spending chill." Step one: a Gold Card that awards devoted customers 10% off most purchases (rolled out Nov. 4). Step 2: Starbucks card offer at Costco so bosses can "gift" their staff. ("No bonuses this year folks, but here's $20 for all your hard work. Does it matter that it didn't really cost $20?") Step 3: Lower prices on holiday crap that they sell in the stores. And voila! Fast track to profitability.
    · Starbucks' new Gold Card part of holiday savings strategy [USA Today]

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