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What You're Doing Tonight: Jan. 26



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    See "Slumdog Millionaire" and dine at Royal Khyber as part of a special movie/dinner package.

    "SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE" DINING PACKAGE: You've seen it. You've not? Or maybe you have, once, twice, and want to take it in again before the Oscars. Royal Khyber is offering a delish "dinner and a movie" package built specifically around this award-garnering Danny Boyle-helmed sleeper. Three courses, (mmm, basil coconut curried chicken, and tikka masala, too), plus a ticket to catch the flick across the street. Price? $29.95/person, plus tax/tip. Through February 28 (February 14 excluded). 1621 W. Sunflower Avenue, Santa Ana. 714-436-1010 (call for reservation)

    SF AND LA? VERY FRIENDLY (AND MUSICAL): Forget the old rivalries (burritos, who has better parking, indie bookstores). San Francisco and Los Angeles are Cali cousins who share a love of culture. Exhibit A? The San Francisco Symphony is visiting Walt Disney Concert Hall for two nights (January 26-27). The SF director is an Angeleno and will present one of his own compositions during the programs. Can't we just all get along? The answer is a resounding yes. Walt Disney Concert Hall, 111 S. Grand Avenue, Los Angeles. 213-972-7211